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Rosenbluth Travel's success - The customer comes the second


The secret of Hal Rosenbluth's success, and his company's, is actually very simple. He concentrates on his employees first and his customers second. The formular works. Rosenbluth Travel was named one of the top ten in The 100 Best Companies to Work For In America, and happy customers have quickly transformed a small family business into a global industry leader, grossing over 1.5 billion annually.

In "The Customer Comes Second", Rosenbluth Travel's CEO and entrepreneurial genius, Hal Rosenbluth, reveals new ideas for hiring, performance reviews, technology innovation, and creative compensation. He shows how to build highly effective teams, inspire loyalty, and turn your workplace into a hotbed of creativity where people produce truly incredible results.

Find out why this book is causing such a stir; how it can transform you and your company. By the way, your customers will love it.