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Call me Taiwan

Please call me Taiwan, not Chinese Taipei and even not China Taipei either.

To argue that we are "Republic of China" or "Taiwan" now seems to be meaningless. 20 years ago the "Republic of China (R.O.C)" is well known country and is one of the core member of UN. But now it's not, "People's Republic of China (P.R.C)" has replaced R.O.C to be the core UN member. Fine, since the government of R.R.C did not rule the mainland China. However, the government of P.R.C has NEVER ruled Taiwan.

One of my friend in Ireland told me that when he was a child, his image to Taiwan was almost all of his toys were "Made in Taiwan". However, recently, he was just refresh his image to Taiwan due to most of the IT high-tech products are made in Taiwan or designed in Taiwan.

It's sad that now more and more people are brainwashing by P.R.C and become to think that Taiwan is one of China's province. Well, it WAS, when China was ruled by R.O.C. But Taiwan is NEVER one of the P.R.C's province. And it will NEVER be.

Please, friends from worldwide, wherever you are, call me Taiwan. And please learn that we are not part of China.